Third Year 3D Computer Graphics Assignment

Third Year of study at Staffordshire University independent assignment. The aim of the project was to use shader programming to implement a render engine with high visual detail.

Made with C++ and DirectX


  • Back-face and view frustum culling
  • Entity Component Modular Architecture
  • Phong shading with texture mapping
  • Normal mapping from tangent space textures
  • Bezier paths (De Casteljau’s algorithm)
  • Alpha transparency blending
  • Projective or Orthographic blurred shadow mapping

Third Year Advanced Windows Games Programming Project

Third Year of study at Staffordshire University group project assignment. The aim of the assignment was to build a game engine as a group.

  • Language C#
  • Core engine platform independent
  • Engine demonstration in Windows
  • Entity component architecture for modular sub-systems

My roles in the development:

  • Core engine design and implementation
  • SlimDX graphics component creation
  • GDI graphics component creation
  • UML designs, user doc and unit testing